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For nearly a century, the Hamptons has been synonymous with the playground for the rich and famous, summertime vacation, and weekend getaways for those in need of rest and relaxation. Hamptons pet parents seek out the best, buy the best, and

demand the best pet products in the market today.


Hamptons Pet is the ultimate resource on how to earn the title

every dog desires - “Top Dog”!


Hamptons Pet magazine is published quarterly by Petfest, LLC,

Chairman & CEO Jewel Morris, President & COO Gregg R. Oehler
and Senior Vice President Stas Rutkowski.


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Jewel Morris


Publisher & Editorial Director

Gregg R. Oehler


Vice President

Stas Rutkowski


Creative Director

Corey Olin


Managing Director

Tiffany Keeth


Senior Editor

Amber Carlton


Brand & Development Director

Stas Rutkowski


Travel Editor

Loren Morrissey


Associate Editor

Nancy E. Hassel


Circulation Director

Dale Oehler

IT Director

Kyle Copley


Editorial & Advertising

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